Jul 4, 2015

Sutras 1.27 - 1.28. The mechanisms of mantras effect (continuation)

In addition to and in confirmation of the foregoing I shall adduce a popular article in which they give the results of the latest speech physiology studies. 

Our particular interest is drawn by the “mechanics of phonetics” section [the original English text is here – transl.note], the investigation in which they have used the state-of-the-art methods of brain study (and I admit to look on this with admiring envy since in our research work we can so far use classical encephalography only) to show that the process of different sounds articulation involves different zones of the brain. 
So that the dendrogram thus received (unfortunately only English sounds have been studied, and it somehow impoverishes the investigation) is similar to a fault to the layout of letters in the already mentioned Sanskrit table and on chakras petals.

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