Apr 15, 2013

Ukrainian Federation of Yoga

The all-Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Federation of Yoga” is an association of independent yoga-centers, yoga instructors, people who practice yoga and those who have just started mastering this ancient system, united through the School and Tradition, linked by their interest to Yoga and to approaches of its study, as well as by friendly relations and mutual respect. 

The task of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga is the humanitarian and educational activity aimed at conscious improvement of the person’s physical and psychological conditions realized through a system of methods and practices.

The organization purports at popularization of yoga and healthy lifestyle together with bringing to harmony the interactions between the man, the society and Nature.

Ukrainian Federation of Yoga has been acting since 1998, then being an affinity group; the constituent congress of the organization took place in 2002, while the official registry by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice was executed in 2004.

We understand yoga as a complex multifaceted esoteric system that has combined the work on one’s physical body with psychotherapy, medicine and philosophy, social trainings and culture studies. 

Ukrainian Federation of Yoga favours the principle of democracy in yoga: each practicing person may and should have his own understanding of yoga that complies with his Genuine self and Spiritual tasks. One’s open-mindedness and the ability to be in step with the time are the fundamental principles of the Spirituality. Nevertheless the Federation instructors follow the common and uniform program and methods of yoga teaching that establish the unity of the learning process across different cities and branches.

The yoga instructors acknowledged by the Federation are the people who have been for many years practicing within our Tradition, who have studied yoga in other Schools and Yoga Centers and have received proper degree in the area of physical education and sports, medicine or psychology. The majority of the Federation instructors have two degrees.

The methodic framework of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga envelops numerous research works that were performed, dozens of books, hundreds of articles and training modules drawn by the Federation instructors. The training programs are subject to constant improvement.

In scope of our Yoga School we use training programs developed for the following yoga aspects:

  • Hatha-Yoga together with strengthening, sports and ergonomic yoga. Influence over one’s psyche and subtle bodies by means of working with physical body;
  • Meditation techniques and psychological practices;
  • Chakral psycho-diagnostics;
  • Science of behaviour laws, the methods of elimination of unnatural behaviour patterns;
  • The methods of managing one’s unconscious mind;
  • The yoga of social interactions. Conscious work on energetic links and coherences in scope of interpersonal relationships;
  • The basic aspects of healing techniques;
  • Psychology, culture study and philosophy within the context of yoga.
  • Jnana-yoga and intellectual trainings;
  • Yoga of travelling. The experience of travelling as a source of spiritual advance and self-development;
  • Yoga-therapy. Therapeutic application of yoga poses and techniques. Development of individual therapeutic and rehabilitation complexes. Cleansing procedures used in yoga;
  • Kaya-yoga. Body sculpture, correction of one’s posture and gait, weight improvement by means of yoga exercises and selection of proper nutrition system;
  • Herbal practice and phytotherapy;
  • Power play and extreme trainings. Mastering of effective forms of self-realization and behavior in conflict situations. Manipura development.
  • Esoteric aspects of partner relationships. Tantra. Svadhisthana trainings. Control over one’s emotional and sexual energy;
  • Yoga for middle-aged people (+35);
  • Prasu-yoga. Physiological, psychological and esoteric preparation to harmonious childbirth and parenthood;
  • Jyotish. Vedic astrology. Yoga practice and therapy in consideration of astrological factors.
As of today the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga branches are located in the following Ukrainian cities: Kharkov, Kiev, Donetsk, Mariupol, Lvov, Eupatoria, Simferopol, Zaporozhye, Chernigov, Poltava, Odessa, Cherkassy, Dniepropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankovsk.

Our instructors also teach yoga in Russia, France and the Netherlands.

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